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In 2005, Lorenzo began exploring SAORI weaving (a Japanese weaving technique) at Loop of the Loom in New York City, and in 2018, he began exploring fine art printmaking at Frontline Arts in Branchburg, New Jersey.


Today, Lorenzo is an artist who explores a variety of media, including weaving, silkscreen monoprints, watercolors, bookmaking, woodworking, and mosaic tile. His work centers on explorations of color and pattern. His design choices often repeat, and yet, contain both variation and unexpected detail. When working on paper, between 2008-2018, Lorenzo often began with a self-portrait, followed by concentric circles showing variations on color, his signature, and a journal entry. This process employed layers of color as his expression moved from the center of the paper toward the paper’s edge.


Over the years, his weavings have included tapestries highlighting themes of clumped fibers and small textures, while consistently showcasing stripes. Lorenzo’s work reflects his innate ability to spread joy and generosity, while opening pathways for interconnection among people and places. His work has been featured in SAORI exhibitions, public spaces, Artsee Tours and at fundraising events throughout New Jersey. Most recently, Young Audiences has honored Lorenzo with the 2019 NJ Governor's Award in Arts Education.


Born 1996, currently resides in New Jersey.


“Believe that you can do it,

’cause you can do it.” 

Bob Ross,


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